Freitag, 6. Mai 2016

How to find Quality Hashtags to expand Your Reach?

Today I was wondering what hashtags people on twitter use and which hashtags have a good chance to create engagement (either retweets, faves or replies). Out of curiousity, I conducted a short study about this topic.

Using the service social bearing I took a closer look how different game development and gaming related hashtags performed. The hashtags I examined were #gamedev, #indiedev, #gamersunite, #gaming, #indiegames and #indiegame.

The sample sizes here are small and I had to pep up the data manually. Despite of the sample size, the results speak volumes.

Reach per minute: How many unique users are reached per minute on average.
Impressions per minute: How many impressions/views are given per minute on average. Includes combined followers and multiple views by the same users.
RTs/min: How much is retweeted per minute on average.
Faves/min: How much is faved/liked per minute on average.
Replies/min: How many replies are received per minute on average.

To visualize the data better, I created some charts here.