This game I started 19th March 2014 as an attempt to get a smaller project done, and also marks the date I stopped working on StarFire (see below). It's a realistic top-down shooter with stealth and camouflage mechanics, detailed combat, many usable vehicles and guns, and a cinematic story.



StarFire StarFire

StarFire was/is a very ambitious project I started in August 19th 2012. My aim was to create a multiplayer space simulation with exploration and engineering aspects, combined with trade and factions. In order to survive in the depths of space, your spaceship must be equipped with all gear and goods it needs to maintain life support. If you survive, you'll be able to discover foreign worlds and even alien life forms. And maybe find the real story behind that day you took off your space shuttle.

I have been developing this for two whole years, and I gathered a lot of experience in software architecture and data management doing so. It never really got out of the prototype state, however. Due to its scale I stopped developing it for now, so I can focus on smaller, more realistic projects.
I may change its focus to a pure exploration game in a 2D enviroment. Or I may switch engines and just develop it with Unity. I'm leaving this open for now. Whatever I do, a 3D version WILL be made when I gathered enough experience, with or without the 2D predecessor.



This game was my first attempt in making a game all by myself from scratch. As such, it has a special place in my heart, despite being written in the worst code mess you can imagine.

It's was meant to be a steam-punk post-apocalyptic RPG with crafting and sandbox-like gameplay. I may remake this little game in the future. This game started out as text-only game inspired by the parody game ProgressQuest  which I decided to create a 2D world for.

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