A collection of useful links and resources that may be useful for fellow game developers/artists. If you found more useful links or tools and like to share them, contact me and I will add them to this list. This list is updated once in a while.



Practical Application of Programming Patterns 
Path Finding for innovative games: Graph Creation and Best Path Selection
Path Finding for innovative games: Navigation 
Tutorial Series on AI Programming in 2D space
AI Programming using Finite State Machines
Some Networking Basics
Tipps on how to finish a Game
Interface and Tweening
How to get People read Text in your Game 
Coding Destructible Pixel Terrain (2D)
Tri-planar Texture mapping (3D)
Smoothing Models with Normal Maps (3D)
The Transvoxel Algorhitm

How to work with programmers
"It's not a bug, it's a feature!" - Accidental Creation of Gameplay in Procedural Games
The Identity Paradox - Why Game Characters are not us but should be
Why Indies should complain less about Clones
Computer Science and Math

Software and tools: 


Tiled - free to use 2D Map Editor 
AutoTileGen  - A generator that creates you all tiles required for a tileset fast & easy
SpaceScape  - create your own spacey backgrounds
SpriteLamp - add nifty shader effects to your 2D game
Mayang's Textures - free textures
cgtextures - moar free textures  even moar free textures
SSBump-generator  - lets you generate normal maps and more
function graph - lets you draw functions visually (helpful if you're struggling with math) - incredibly handy library of sounds with creative commons license; for your special sound needs. (Sign up required but WORTH IT) - nice & free sound library; no sign up required. (May not be suited for special needs)
Bfxr - free tool for creating retro style sounds

Helpful Gamedev Tools from NuttySoftware - Includes tools like: Font Builder, Texture Generator, Audio Sampler, Image Packer

Simple DirectMedia Layer - crossplatform development library
fontstruct - create your own fonts here for free (they are 100% yours too!)

VideoGameName - random video game name generator. More fun than tool but can be a good source for inspiration! - create diagrams, flowcharts, interface prototypes and more with this online tool
flockdraw - draw together with others - nice for explaining things  - similar to flockdraw but possibly better

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