Samstag, 7. Mai 2016

7 Tips for Your Indie Game Marketing

I've been observing Twitter for a long time now, trying to figure out marketing tricks and also acquiring the mindset that successful marketing requires. It's a hard thing to do when you're naturally shy and rather introverted like me. However, there are a couple of things that I figured out and that you might find very useful, too.

So here's the list of 7 tips for your indie game marketing:

  • 1 - Find out how your audience ticks. There's certain wordings that are more catchy than others - and therefore may grant you more interest and retweets. You have to choose your words in a way your target audience can relate to.

  • 2 - Always include images, or even better, videos to your posts and tweets. This will grant you a larger chance of engagement.

  • 3 - In general it's recommended helping and serving your target audience with your products or services. Expressing that helps too.

  • 4 - Keep your wording and posts personal, enthusiastic and honest. It will show your audience that you, after all, are human too, and not a untouchable corporate entity. Share your story and add your own flavor. Your passion needs to be contagious!

  • 5 - Always keep a link to your platform (blog, website) on your profiles. This allows you to let interested people find more of what you do. Also do this when creating content (graphs, pictures, screenshots, memes...). Keep a link to your site as watermark on those. In case your content spreads on the internet, the source (your blog, facebook site, twitter handle...) will also spread. It's not going to give you extra exposure directly, but may create more awareness: "Oh look, I've seen this somewhere before, I want to know what it is!". I admit, I am slacking on this one at times!

  • 6 - Use humor to make your content more interesting (and memorable). Humorously showing a newly discovered bug feature in your game is worth a couple of additional clicks.

  • 7 - Ask your audience what it wants (e.g. with polls). There are studies out there that indicate certain trends. While without doubt helpful to figure out a direction, these trends may not apply fully to your own audience. This is why it's important to figure out what YOUR audience wants - not the one who participated in those studies. After all, your audience could be a very special subset that behaves very differently. This can help your ability to detect trends. And only a flexible and adaptable salesman or saleswoman is a good one!


I want to encourage you to experiment by yourself. Trial and error are one of the best teachers. Then write down your results and share them with the world. Be like a scientist! That alone can drive your engagement into new highs. It does for me ever since I started doing it, and it's been only a couple of days! Imagine what would be in a span of a few months. Exciting!

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