Game Ideas

This is a collection of game ideas I came up with myself, developed with others or just gathered together on twitter and other websites. I do not claim any rights to them; in return I will keep them vague as possible so even if two people use the same idea, they may end up with a different interpretation regardless.

The list is relatively unsorted for now. I may change this in the future.

Here goes:

General game ideas:

  • Spider Simulator
  • "Plant a Tree"-game
  • Bee Colony Manager
  • Cell growth & evolution game (decide whether and what organs are evolving in an organism!)
  • Puzzle game with gears/clockworks
  • Universe Creator
  • Civilization Creator
  • Creature Creator
  • A combination of all of the 3 above
  • "Save the Asteroids" (from destruction by planets etc)
  • "Ballistic Constructor" sandbox game: create ballistic weapons (crossbows? catapults? modern guns?), test them in the shooting range and play against or with your friends
  • "Hide the Aliens" - Don't let humanity find out about reptile aliens in the government
  • "Shadow Demon Game": fight against your inner demons!
  • Design a game where the use of violence is optional. If the player makes use of violence, make him fix the mess he's caused. (Interesting in combination with FPS/team play games)
  • "Stranded on Planet" Survival Game; research the unique terrain, fauna and flora of the planet in a Kerbal Space Program-like fashion and come back home safely. 

VR Game Ideas:

  • First Person Open-World Horror Survival Game with focus on teaching real life skills (i.e. for engineering, survival)
  • First Person Stealth Game a la SplinterCell
  • First Person Racing/Flight/Space Simulation

Other Game Ideas:

  • Realistic Flight Simulation paired up with VR, using real life toy helicopters/drones or similar
  • "Robotic Colony Game" (tiny robots on a large area serving as play field, in real life)

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