Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2016

Good reasons to get out of your Comfy Zone

I often see opportunities. Opportunities like, working together with someone to make a game, someone from the press asking indiedevs to send their games over to getting them covered on their website, people messaging me about my blog and whether I want to write for them.

Life is giving me MANY possibilities like this if I really think about it. Possibilities I could use to grow.

The thing is: I often don't even know how to respond or react to that. Things like this make me feel anxious. Scared to do it, even. It triggers an escape´mechanism inside of me. Often, I silently opt out pretending these opportunities never happened.

But then I realize that if I don't do things that are out of my comfy zone, I firstly waste so many opportunities to be a more successful indiedev, and secondly I will never ever grow beyond the limits my fears impose on me.

So I try to take my chances, allow myself to be a complete noob and just do it.

I will likely fail for everyone to see, on the internet that never forgets, but you know, you do it wrong until you learned how to do it right. If you're not doing it, how are you supposed to get better? The entire process is important - not just the end results (= you being successful).

The struggle can be exceptionally hard if you've had a trouble past like me - but know if you manage to do this, keep at it with outstanding persistence, passion and determination, you can say of yourself you went from "living in a dump" to "happy and rich".

Allow yourself to fail. Allow yourself to be rewarded for what you do - that's the only way to grow. 

And don't forget those who helped you along the way, too.

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