Samstag, 27. August 2016

Vote & Help Developing CamoTactics!

Involving the gaming community is important making a great game. For this purpose I have created two polls that allow you to share your thoughts on CamoTactics.

Future Content

The first poll is all about future content to be added to the game. You can give it a shot on Google Forms. By filling this out you help me focusing on the feature you would like to play most. Make sure to share your ideas, no matter how silly they may sound! They may lead to other interesting ideas. :)

Your User Experience

The second poll is about your gaming experience with CamoTactics. If you played the game you can submit your feedback here on Google Forms. If you didn't play CamoTactics yet, go do it nao!

Happy voting and thank you for playing CamoTactics!

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