Freitag, 30. September 2016

How Games Can Teach You that You're the Most Valuable Asset You have

A while ago, I started a new game in 7 Days to Die. For those who don't know: it's a game similar to Minecraft, just harder and with zombies that tear off your house. I enjoy playing it because of that difficulty.

A New Home

I spent a few hours creating a nice base, grinding all the resources required to make it. The design I was using I have trialed and tested. It provided a good basic shelter.

It was a basically a roofed platform, supported by four pillars, each one about 4 blocks thick. In the middle below the platform, I would usually place some spikes. And when the hordes come, place myself in the middle of the platform with the zeds following me (they will be leaving the pillars alone).

It was a stable design and easy to maintain. Sadly I didn't make any pics.

A Terrible Mistake

And so it was, the base was almost done.  I just got done placing the roof, but I left the blocks in the middle unfinished. I made the base extra large this time to fit my needs.

This turned out to be a terrible mistake.

So it was horde night with an extra dose of zombies that spawn and are out to get you. And the moment I placed a torch in the middle of my platform, my entire house started falling apart.

First the wood in the middle.

Then ate its way to the outside. 

With a horde of +30 zombies down below me.

Leaving only the stone pillars on the edges.

Everything was in vain...

I too, fell down as my house collapsed. I was in shock because the base I spent hours just completely vanished. Including all my stuff I had in my chest, which too was destroyed.

Quite frankly, I ragequit very soon after. I mean, with +30 running zombies going to get you, you can prepare your bum to run or die. Normally the latter. Repeatedly. Because you have limited stamina and the night is long. And that's no fun.

FFS I can't see shit pls help :'((

(Before continuing, you must know that 7 Days to Die has its own skill system. So even if you die, you keep all your skills and crafting recipes.)

...or was it? A Realization

So recently, I got back to this saved game. What happened next is very interesting.

It was still horde night with those many zombies coming for me. Just as I left it. I already died once and respawned somewhere random. My bed at my base collapsed too so I was practically homeless. However as I ran through the night, not knowing where to go or to escape the horde, I had a realization:

  • Despite of all materials I lost -
  • Despite of the home that I lost -
  • Despite of the lost time that I spent gathering and building...

...I still had my skills, my recipes, a partially explored map. The knowledge to create things better and safer.

And then it occurred to me: this is exactly how real life works.

You can lose everything and still have everything - for the sole fact that you still have yourself:

The knowledge, skill, talent to create and rebuild.

You are the most valuable asset you have.

Thanks for reading!


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