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CamoTactics: Where will it go?

CamoTactics is a top down shooter set in a futuristic and turbulent future, where mankind has ventured into the depths of space and crashed into a planet with strange and bizarre alien life. Despite the hostility of this world, mankind finally has managed to get over its blood-thirsty past that exploited its environment - Until events turned around and tensions between two countries, Rubia, known as the cradle of mankind, and Panta rose again. Someone has gotten hold of ancient war technology and is trying to stumble the entire planet into chaos. Can you identify and stop the evil forces trying to disrupt the fragile peace?

Read more about its gameplay concepts below. This article applies to CamoTactics 7.1.

Environment, Stealth & Camouflage:

What's already in: Enemies won't see you if you are well camouflaged or behind them. How well you are camouflaged depends on how well your current camouflage color matches the terrain color. It also depends on the distance from the target. A sensor system makes sure that even if you cannot be seen, you still can be heard. The soon to be released demo version 7.1 features day and night cycles and lighting effects.

What's to come: hiding in bushes and being in the shadow will make you harder to spot. Appropriate sound design, weather conditions like fog, rain, thunder, snow, many strange and bizarre plants and animals that you may encounter (who may eat you alive while you sleep) are planned. The game plays on a alien planet and as such I want to display an adequate atmosphere and make the impression of a whole new world for you to explore. I want this game not only be fun, but also an unique experience for YOU.

Detailed Combat:

What's already in: Weapons have attachments like scopes and magazines that can be edited. They affect overall weapon performance. I want players to discover and collect new guns and mods. This mechanic is very similar to weapon modding in Fallout 4. Weapons overheat and break as you use them, too. To shield you from different types of projectiles you can equip armor. It's possible to use health kits and repair kits as well. If you're not boarding and driving them, vehicles explode if you destroy them.

What's to come: The possibility to freely assemble your own guns is subject of future versions. Earlier versions included rocket launchers and shotguns, which will definitely come back. That will include close combat weapons.

World and Character Depth

What's to come:
The game gives the player a whole new world to explore. It's a futuristic society that sometime 2000 years ago crashed on an alien and hostile planet (that happened to be home planet of an ancient precursor alien race). That also means: spaceships! Well, ancient wrecks for you to explore, that is! With notes, dialog, and speech bubbles the player can explore the characters, animals, plants, locations, technology, history and structure of society humanity has adapted in this strange world.

The story is written out for the most part and was as described as "inspirational" and "giving a different perspective" by some proofreaders. It will be delivered via missions and presentation-style cut scenes.


CamoTactics started out as simple prototype that has grown a lot in two years. Many games inspired me to make it what it is today. Let me list the most prominent ones:

  • Thing Thing Arena
  • Metro 2033
  • Metal Gear Solid 3
  • Fallout 3

During those two years developing this game, I've readjusted it quite a few times. There was a huge setback, too, considering I switched frameworks halfway through which delayed its release. But it's back, being better than ever.

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