Dienstag, 17. Mai 2016

A Message To Fellow Indiedevs

Hello fellow Indiedevs.

I want to speak to you about something.

About something I think is very important.

We live in an age where people lose trust to large faceless corporations. All over the world people are distancing themselves from institutions that neglected their will, looking for real faces who are authentic and human. Anyone who is not will not survive on the market in long-term, I am sure.

Considering all these changes, I want to encourage you to be true to yourself and your principles. Be yourself. Be authentic. Be honorable. Do good deeds. Do not hide yourself or your talents.

Eventually, you WILL attract the right people (and the right consumers) in your life. Quality before quantity.

Why do you need to buy followers, readers, views or clicks if you can have a few loyal friends and customers? People that actually engage with you and care enough for you and whatever you are producing?

Why hide yourself when it could be used to coin your brand? You know, giving it a personal touch. Why not making use of it to promote yourself and the games you are making?

That being said, we both know that there are forces in the works that take influence in the process of making games. I want you to not bow to anyone when you are creating your works of art. Do not give in to no matter what side they may come from. Do whatever you think is right with your game. If you're rustling people's jimmies, know that you are doing something right. Know that this is exactly what a real artist is supposed to do.

Know that you are born strong by nature. It's important to realize and acknowledge that strength. You don't have to please everyone - only yourself. You only grow if you struggle.

Find niches... serve and please those who appreciate your genuineness - and reward you for it. Those very same people will have your back if you are being attacked by whoever.

Make a business out of who you are and market your game along with it to the right people. It's a tricky task but I am persuaded it can be achieved.

Be living proof of this!

Thanks for taking the time to read me!
Happy creating!

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