Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2014

Camo Tactics First Alpha Release

Camo Tactics Alpha 1 Build 3 is out! Get it here:

 CamoTactics Alpha 1 Build 3

This build is indeed playable and confirmed to work on W7 and an antique netbook running Win XP, but a bit of an effort is required to install it correctly. I encountered issues during release preparations and they sadly bursted my plans of the release date to be scheduled in the first week of June. Eventually, I decided to provide a quick and dirty solution for the sake of sticking to my deadlines and just provided detailed install instructions. Do not worry - this is not going to stay that way.

 At the moment, the gameplay very is basic - taking damage, shooting, reloading, picking up items... - as is the interface. Some nice details were added (i.e. overlays when taking damage, day and night cycles or fuel consumption) but these yet have to take their full shape as the game is being developed.

Version A1B3 Game Play - Indie DB

The next playable build is scheduled for 16th July and by then, it should have the following minimum features:

  • Make installation easier. There's multiple ways to do this (installer or bundled jar) and requires more research.
  • Extend UI functionality (preparation for main menus and missions)
  • Get rid of the prototype-ish graphics and replace them with better ones.
  • The early prototype of this game included a very simple "camouflage" system which gave combat an interesting twist. This system is going to be re-implemented.
  • Performance and usability improvements
  • Many bug fixes (primarily inventories, weapons, sound) and internal improvements 

If I have enough time, the following is also planned:

  • adding some first particle effects
  • adding infantry
  • mounting vehicles
  • more advanced AI

Thanks for reading!

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