Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

CamoTactics May Update: Weapons

So what's new in CamoTactics?

Changes usually were internal of nature (improving architecture and everything around it) but I added gameplay and utility things. This includes:

  • A semi working UI for display purposes
  • Each entity now has an Inventory
  • When reloading, magazines from the inventory are used (= a weapon always has a magazine attached to it)
  • Weapons get damaged each shot. Dealt damage decreases as weapon durability decreases. Repair kits or cleaning kits can be used to repair them. Maybe I'm going to separate between damage + "clean"-ness if it's not making the game too complex.
  • Critical hit chances are implemented into the mechanisms (but don't affect gameplay yet as they're using a default value so far)
  •  Energy/Fuel meter.
  • Prepared for loading item models using XML files
I roughly estimate the game to be finished by 60%. A lot of stuff has to be done for rendering optimization and AI. Item/enemy spawning, missions and the ability to place (terrain) objects yet have to be added.

I think it's best to draw a line once above mentioned features are implemented. My top priority is getting this baby done, and it's going to be my first finished game too.
This is also the first time I'm creating something pretty decent from (semi-) scratch. Rest assured, after the first "finished" version of Camo Tactics it's not going to stop just there by developing its multiplayer version, CamoTactics: Online. It is a relatively small game and not taking advantage of that fact would be a shame.
As far as my networking knowledge goes, the game's internal structure at least shouldn't make adding multiplayer a complete nightmare.

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