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Download 0.02 ( A small arcade game based on a lost ASCII-style prototype written in C.


Download 7.2 Alpha (IndieDB). Arena mode, missions, better performance, better Interface and many other improvements are to be expected in this version.
Download 7.1 Alpha (IndieDB). Pimped up v7.0 including bugfixes and lighting engine.
Download 7.0 Alpha (IndieDB). Ported to a new and better framework, enjoy 7.0 in all its glory. Features better graphics, customizing weapons, stealth, mountable vehicles, including some of the older build's features: defense/attack types, mouse controls, particle effects. It's also modding-friendlier.
Download 6.1 Alpha (IndieDB). Get 6.1 for general polish, stability and performance improvements, mouse controls, armor, new damage system based on defense/attack types, improved equipment and inventory screen, and much more.
Download A1B5 (IndieDB). Alpha 1 Build 5 delivers a major graphical overhaul, size-based inventories, nifty particle effects, factions, mounting vehicles and much more. Prototypes for missions and dialogs also were added, but are not used yet in this build.
Download A1B4 (IndieDB). A1B4 comes with a better HUD and graphics, camouflage mechanics, an easier installation and improved AI. The enemies on the map are randomized, so each time you play is different.
Download A1B3 (IndieDB). The first playable build of CamoTactics. This early prototype has the basic mechanics down (i.e. AI, shooting, inventories and many important internal functions), but lacks many of the newer build's features and performance improvements.

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