Montag, 7. April 2014

CamoTanks Sound Demo

A Camo Tanks sound demo is online:

Features a simple HUD, reloading, firing, and camouflage. FX used from plus a song by me mixed in. I apologize for the horrible quality; I wanted to get a reasonable upload speeds without making the filesize explode and kind of failed.

I'm currently making improvements to the camo mechanic, later on I'll create a better AI for the static machine guns as seen in the video. Finally I intend to make an AI for tanks and infantrists as well.

What's also on my Todo List:

  • Add sprite sheets instead of loading single files
  • Camouflage Skins <--> Terrain Matcher. Terrain and camouflage have an average color, and based on how similar/different they are, a camo value is estimated - Currently it's hardcoded.
  • implement positional sound (sound is played "globally" at the moment)
  • Add powerups (later: items)
  • Day/night cycles: Add a light factor to the camo mechanic. May include some kind of terrain shader as well. (I love when you wander around in the dark in a game only with a flashlight giving you some light).
  • Improve AI further by making it respond to noise a target makes and its visibility
  • Fix physics location not equal to graphics location

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